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Providing interior soft strips from Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire


Wessex Demolition offer an interior strip out and refurbishment service. Our operatives are trained to the highest recognised standards for the tools and equipment they need for the work to be carried out safely and efficiently.

They have the experience on all different types of refurbishment; from small/large houses, commercial and retail buildings, industrial warehouses and multi-storey structures.
Soft strips can include, but are not limited to -

  • Interior wall demolition (Stud partitions, brick, breezeblock)
  • Breaking out floors (Mezzanine, Concrete, Timber)
  • Removal of false ceilings and fixings
  • Removal of pipework
  • Dismantling of mechanical or electrical installations
  • Staircase removal

  • We own cutting edge and specialist equipment in order to carry out all types of strip out works safely and efficiently.

    Façade Retention

    Façade Retention is the removal of a buildings innards (walls, columns & floors) whilst retaining its original front or outer walls.

    This type of work is generally carried out when part of the building is listed. Great care is taken by Wessex Demolition to ensure that the exterior remains undamaged and in its original condition ready for the next stage of your project.