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Available for Demolition in Emergency Situations.


Dangerous situations can occur without warning, which makes prompt and efficient action vital when emergency response is required.

Wessex Demolition are able to do so for emergencies such as fire damaged and structurally unstable buildings. With our previous involvement with emergency procedures, Wessex have the experience, commitment and resources to safely deal with these situations.

Previous Emergency Projects -

Waitrose, Havant

Our involvement with Waitrose, Havant was dismantling the remaining roof of the structure with precision and care due to the fire damage it had sustained. The external brickwork then had to be removed on the upper floor aswell as the steelwork. After this all debris remaining had to be cleared from the upper floor.

Derby Road, Bournemouth

Our first priority was to demolish the garage and single storey extension down to ground level. Doing this allowed access of our plant equipment. The ground floor was full of fire debris which had been contaminated with asbestos cement, all of which had to be removed. Removal of roof and floor timbers and reducing the height of the walls made the structure safe.

Priddy's Hard, Gosport

Removal of the existing roof and steelwork to make the ground level safe was the focus. From there we could remove the damaged external brickwork, fully demolish the remaining structure and remove all debris from site.