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Case Study - Project at AIM Altitude, Bournemouth International Airport.


Wessex Demolition were contracted to demolish the former AIM Altitude facility which was used to manufacture interior aircraft components for many of the large airline operators. AIM Altitude had a new state of the art facility built next to the existing old warehouse as production could not stop.

Demolition of the old facility commenced once staff had moved into their new facility, which was positioned within 5 meters of the building to be demolished. The scope included the complete removal and clearance of all internal licensable and non-licensable asbestos within the structure, which consisted of AIB panels, paper lined ceilings and cement bonded asbestos. During all internal asbestos removal works background monitors and personal monitors were running to record and ensure that our control measures for fibre control were working, readings were constantly below the threshold.

On successful completion of the internal soft strip and asbestos removal we commenced demolition of the structure. The building had asbestos cement roof sheets which could only be removed during the demolition by mechanical means as they were covered with bitumen felt making it unsafe for manual removal methods by working at height. Prior to this element of work and at the request of our client we joined them in holding a series of group meetings with all the staff who worked within the new AIM Altitude building, the purpose of the meetings was to explain our approach for the demolition, how all elements of the work including asbestos exposure would be managed and the duration the works would take. This meeting helped by putting the staff who were concerned about the proximity of the buildings’ minds at ease.

Environmental issues such as noise, vibration and dust were constantly managed to minimise disturbance to the neighbouring building. We worked closely with our client at all times to ensure that the demolition and clearance was managed to the satisfaction of all involved. The demolition and clearance package was completed successfully and within programme. The slabs and foundations were grubbed up and crushed on site to type 6f2 for reuse by our client.